Financial Planning

Who Needs a Financial Planner?

You may be considering help from a financial planner for a number of reasons. Whether it's deciding to buy a new home, planning for retirement or your children's education, or simply not having the time or expertise to get your finances in order, a financial planner can help you achieve your goals. Whatever your needs, working with a fee-only financial planner can be a helpful step in securing your financial future.

Desire For Financial Advice
Personal Investment Advice
Desire for organization, focus or direction for personal financial goals
Looking for a trustworthy advisor with whom a long-term relationship can be established
Curious about financial options
Desire to become more knowledgeable in order to make better financial decisions

Life Changes/Circumstances
Death in Family
Change of Career
Retirement Pending or approaching
Busy with Career

Owner of a Business
Concern regarding business succession, estate taxes or estate liquidity, income taxes, retirement, or liability issues
Employee benefit analysis and management for your employees

We can guide a client with analysis and detailed recommendations in the following areas:

Income tax planning
Cash management
Investment portfolio and asset allocation
Financial independence
Retirement planning and distribution
Risk management (insurance)
Estate tax and distribution planning
Education planning

Our financial planning process includes:

An initial plan based on information gathered from the client
Implementation of recommendations made in the initial plan
Annual update and review

Financial planning is a continuous process that should be both monitored and updated to remain dynamic. We encourage our clients to share this view, and to that end, we are available throughout the year to answer any questions our clients may have on subjects ranging from retirement planning to investment alternatives.

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