Investment Management

Since no two clients are the same, all of our relationships begin with an exploration of a client’s investment objectives and the degree of risk that will be assumed. We help the client translate these investment objectives into specific investment guidelines. The established guidelines define a diversified exposure to equities, fixed-income securities, and cash equivalents. Investments are then implemented within the established investment guidelines.

Individual Stock Management:

• We pursue the long-term growth of capital by emphasizing a “value” oriented discipline

• We review fundamental components and employ a disciplined methodology to locate quality companies whose stocks we believe are undervalued in the market

Fixed Income Securities:

• We add value to our clients’ holdings of fixed-income securities by utilizing interest rate trend analysis to determine the appropriate average maturity of our fixed-income portfolios within a range of three to ten years.

• Our income style is to manage an intermediate term portfolio of high grade government, corporate and municipal bonds.


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