Trust Administration

Who needs a Corporate Trustee? People who are . . .

Accumulating Wealth
• High income
• Investable assets exceed $250,000

Experiencing Life Changes
• Disruption in life
• Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Illness
• Geographic Relocation
• Change in Estate Composition
• Sale of business or property
• Large charitable intent
• Large inheritance/settlement

Lacking Time or Investment Expertise
• Do not want personal fiduciary responsibility and liability
• Uncomfortable with management of assets

Concerned with Family Issues
• No trusted family members nearby to act as trustee
• Desire trust to continue at death; Do not want children to receive lump sum
• Concern for dependents if something happens to primary caregiver

Benefits of having a Corporate Trustee:

• Relief of concern of being a burden to family and friends
• Safety from fraudulent perpetrators
• Avoidance of fiduciary responsibility and liability
• Peace of mind

• All financial activity on one statement for annual reporting
• Payroll services provided for domestic and private duty nursing staff
• Access to financial and tax advisors for investment management and tax planning


In addition to assisting clients in the management of their investments and other assets, we serve as an objective source for a wide array of financial arrangements to meet our clients’ needs.

Customary services covered by the standard fee schedule:

• Securing trust or guardianship assets
• Estate valuation and inventory preparation
• Investment management for individuals, charities, and companies
• Competitive execution of securities transactions
• Custody of assets
• Collection of dividends, interest and other income
• Account for all corporate reorganizations such as stock splits and mergers
• Automatic investment of cash balances
• Periodic payments to beneficiaries
• Periodic transaction statements and investment reviews
• Year-end income tax information for beneficiaries
• Employee benefit plans and management
• IRA Rollover management

Extraordinary Services:

An additional fee may be charged for unusual, special or extraordinary services, including, but not limited to:

• Rendering assistance or assuming responsibility for an individual’s personal or health needs, including hospitalization, nursing home care, and contracting for private duty nursing when needed
• Processing medical insurance claims
• Coordination of preparation of all tax returns and payment of taxes
• Bill paying as needed
• Processing gifts of securities as directed by grantor
• Preparation of Annual Guardianship Report as required by statute
• Rendering substantial assistance to the Guardian of the Person of a Ward beyond the ordinary scope of a fiduciary’s duty
• Real estate and property management
• Collection of notes and mortgages

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