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Why Should I Sell My Minerals?

BY: DAVID SMITH Business Development Officer, Argent Mineral Management (318) 251-5854 If you are a mineral owner, you have probably been advised at some point to never sell your minerals. Whether this advice was from a relative, an attorney, a land professional or...


Market Update – August 2022

The Month At A Glance US stocks surged 9.2% in July—their best month since November 2020 US core bonds gained 2.4%, which was by far their best month in 2022 Inflation (CPI) in June registered a hotter-than-expected 9.1% US GDP was negative for the second straight...


The Morning View: August 5, 2022

From our colleagues at our sister company, Argent Trust: Announced this morning, the economy added 528,000 jobs in July, much higher than expected and the previous month was also revised higher. The Education and Health Services industry remained strong, while the...


The Morning View: July 29, 2022

From our colleagues at our sister company, Argent Trust: Announced this morning, Personal Income increased 0.6% in June, slightly higher than expected and unchanged from the previous month’s revised figure.  Personal Spending increased 1.1% in June, also slightly...


The Two Things Every Woman Needs to Navigate Loss: Part 1

 THIS ARTICLE IS THE FIRST OF TWO FOR WOMEN | WEALTH | WELLNESS With the four-year mark looming, Cassie is thinking back on her husband’s tragic accident and funeral. “That whole week is a blur, but I remember a few things. “I remember thinking: This can’t be real....


The Best Way to Protect a Parent from Scammers

Adult children worried about their parents’ ability to spot and avoid fraud have several options to help protect them, including a durable power of attorney, a guardianship and a revocable trust. Which might be best for your family? Originally published on...


Argent Gives Back: John Allen, Jr. AEP ® AIF ® CTFA ®

John Allen, Jr. AEP ® AIF ® CTFA ® Market President & Senior Trust Officer, Greenville SC/Charlotte NC 1| Which nonprofit are you passionate about serving? Rotary Club of Greenville, SC History: The Rotary Club of Greenville is proud to be the first civic...


Market Perspectives – July 2022

Engineering an Economic Slowdown   • Interest rate and FOMC headlines continue to rattle the markets, in turn driving investor returns towards Bear-Market territory • Today’s economic environment is the result of FOMC activities during the pandemic two years ago...


The Morning View: July 19, 2022

From our colleagues at our sister company, Argent Trust: In this morning’s data, Housing Starts were 1,559,000 in June, less than expected and a -2.0% decrease increase from the previous month when an increase was expected. In addition, Building Permits were 1,685,000...


3 Tips for Improving Your Wealth Management Strategy

Originally published on fwtx.com on July 11, 2022 BY: KATHY CHRISTOFFEL, CTFA Market President, Argent Trust-Fort Worth Market (817) 502-3586 Improving your wealth management strategy is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your financial well-being,...


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