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Market Perspectives 2022

Inflation Conundrum • Inflation remains persistent, although much can be attributed to the post-pandemic recovery and Ukraine war (energy, food and housing prices). • Today’s strong dollar has provided an advantage for consumers. Because of the dollar’s stronger...


A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Over the years, people have often asked me about the high-value Argent places on a healthy work-life balance. It’s no secret that we believe in working diligently for our clients. And yet, we also stress the idea that a meaningful life transcends what we do at the...


Investment Outlook-Fourth Quarter 2022

Recession? • Current inflation is at levels not seen in almost two generations. • The Fed will continue raising rates and tightening until it hurts … a recession will not deter their efforts. • The Fed is determined to prevent the onset of an inflationary mindset...


Market Update – September 2022

The Month At A Glance After a summer rally, both stocks and bonds fell in August US equities dropped 4% in August after having rallied more than 17% from their summer low Interest rates rose higher last month—resulting in a 2.8% loss for US core bonds Stock and bond...


Market Update – August 2022

The Month At A Glance US stocks surged 9.2% in July—their best month since November 2020 US core bonds gained 2.4%, which was by far their best month in 2022 Inflation (CPI) in June registered a hotter-than-expected 9.1% US GDP was negative for the second straight...


Market Update – July 2022

Second Quarter 2022 Investment Commentary • Market performance for a traditional “60/40” balanced portfolio had its worst first half year in modern history, down 16.1%. • The economic backdrop has worsened, with the Federal Reserve aggressively tightening monetary...


Fixed Income Update – Second Quarter 2022

2nd Quarter 2022 Fixed Income Review • Q2 fixed income markets experienced significant negative performance as fixed income assets fell in price and yields rose • The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has now hiked its overnight funds target rate range 150bp over...


How to Live a Generous Life

Over the past 24 years I’ve worked in the legal, financial services and nonprofit sectors. In that time, I’ve seen incredible examples of generosity, and often from very unexpected sources. But proof of the incredible generosity of Americans isn’t just limited to the...


Generations-Heritage Trust 24th Anniversary

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation” – C. Everett Koop Since May of 2017, our team at Heritage has been honored to share a building with the most sacred place in Oklahoma City – the Oklahoma City...


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