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Giving Credit (and Credit Advice) on Veterans Day

As a Marine veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, celebrating Veterans Day has always been important to me. Honoring active and retired vets, Veterans Day honors and pays tribute to the Americans who are willing to do the most anyone can do for his or her country – give...


Passing a Collection or Valuable Assets Down to Your Heirs

It constantly surprises me to see the variety of things people collect. No matter what a collection consists of — rare books, art, sports memorabilia, vintage cars or something less common — it usually has deep personal value to the collector. When a person dies, an...


Three Books to Help Achieve Personal Financial Independence

When discussing money and finances with clients, I get personal. I want to know their goals so I can help achieve them. I also share insights about investing and financial planning, often highlighting articles and books, to provide them with useful perspectives about...


4 Ways President Biden’s Proposed Tax Changes May Impact You

With the election results in Georgia now certified, we now know the ultimate effect of the 2020 elections, with Democrats gaining control of the White House, maintaining control of the House of Representatives by a slim margin and forging a 50-50 split in the Senate....


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