Philanthropic Services

Our mission is to help you accomplish your mission.

Philanthropic Services Overview

Supporting Foundations and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Private foundation, not-for-profit and nonprofit governance and management often requires knowledge and proficiencies that go beyond the capabilities of an organization’s staff members.

As part of your team—which may include attorneys, CPAs or other advisors—AmeriTrust provides administrative and investment expertise to help your organization achieve its mission today and across future generations.

Why Choose AmeriTrust

Building on our foundation of fiduciary service, AmeriTrust has established a broad array of philanthropic services for all sizes of nonprofits and private foundations.

We have the depth and breadth of experience to help organizations of all sizes reach their goals.

More About Our Philanthropic Services

AmeriTrust provides a team approach to Foundation Investment Management in addition to an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solution. Our experts work with leadership and board members to create or review the investment policy and monitor compliance with established benchmarks. Through prudent investment and spending policies, AmeriTrust assists leadership to meet current needs along with creating equity among future generations.

Our experienced staff also assists with governance issues, helps with onboarding new board members, leads regular committee education and provides consultation on gift planning. Our mission is to help you accomplish your mission.


Services We Offer

  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services
  • Foundation Governance and Management
  • Investment, Spending, and Gift Acceptance Policy Review
  • Asset Custodial Services
  • Gift Administration and UPMIFA Compliance
  • New Board Member Education and onboarding
  • Committee Education
  • Estate and Planned Giving Support
  • Trustee – Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Annuity Trusts
  • Oil & Gas (Mineral) Management
  • Development Team Education
  • Marketing or Capital Campaign Support
  • Consultant Hiring

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