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The Morning View: October 8, 2021

Announced this morning, the economy added just 194,000 jobs in September, less than expected, but the previous month was revised higher by 131,000. The Retail Trade industry was relatively strong, while Government jobs were weak, losing 123,000 jobs in the month....


Fixed Income Commentary- October 2021

October 2021 3rd Quarter 2021 Fixed Income Review • Q3 fixed income markets experienced slightly positive performance although Treasuries and high credit quality were still negative year-to-date • Inflation has soared this year due to disrupted supply chains and...


Investment Outlook – October 2021

Transitory?   The Federal Reserve, following several months of greater-than-2% annual inflation — its stated goal — took to describing the most recent readings in the 4% to 5% range as transitory. For the Fed, transitory means that markets and consumers should...


The Morning View: October 1, 2021

Announced this morning, Personal Income increased 0.2% in August, as expected and lower than the previous month which was impacted by social benefit programs. Personal Spending increased 0.8% in August, slightly higher than expected and a decent rebound from the...


Passing a Collection or Valuable Assets Down to Your Heirs

It constantly surprises me to see the variety of things people collect. No matter what a collection consists of — rare books, art, sports memorabilia, vintage cars or something less common — it usually has deep personal value to the collector. When a person dies, an...


Mid-Month Market Perspectives

A Balancing Act Market Reflections Unpredictable. That certainly describes market returns given the fluid nature of company earnings, geopolitical events and economic missteps. What we have seen in recent weeks only serves to prove the point. History, at least,...


The Morning View: September 21, 2021

Announced this morning, Housing Starts were 1,615,000 in August, an increase of 3.9% for the month, which was a higher increase than expected. In addition, Building Permits were 1,728,000 in August, an increase of 6.0% for the month, also higher than expected....


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