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How to Weather an Oil & Gas Industry Bust

3 Tips for Managing Mineral Rights During Volatile Times BY: DAVID LUKE  President, Argent Mineral Management This spring, mineral rights owners experienced one of the most severe declines in oil prices in the history of our country. Global oil prices were already...


The Morning View: May 19, 2020

BY: MARSHALL BARTLETT Senior Vice President / Portfolio Manager Announced this morning, Housing Starts were 891 thousand in April, falling 30.2% from the previous month slightly worse than expected.  In addition, Building Permits were 1.074 million in April, falling...


Building a 30-Year-Company, One Relationship at a Time

BY: KYLE McDONALD Chief Executive Officer Kyle McDonald Soon after Argent entered its 30th year just a few months ago, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit this nation. Our reaction to this catastrophe, I believe, offers a window into why this company has succeeded for 30...


Is Now a Good Time To Refinance My Mortgage?

Answer these 5 questions to determine if refinancing makes financial sense BY: KENNY BROWN, Jr.  Vice President / Business Development, AmeriTrust & LAURIE SAINT, CPA®  Assistant Vice President / Financial Planning, AmeriTrust Investment Advisors Laurie Saint...


Trip of a Lifetime: Preparing Your Financial Road Map

BY: LAURIE SAINT Assistant Vice President, Financial Planning (405) 608-8007 Close your eyes and think back to the first time you were given a set of car keys. I imagine you felt a little bit like I did: a combination of excitement, freedom and a tiny bit of fear....


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