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AmeriTrust Corporation

Building your wealth and protecting your legacy.


AmeriTrust Corporation Services

Trust and Estate Administrative Services

If you have investable assets that exceed $250,000, you may benefit from establishing a trust to direct your assets and provide a smooth transition to your heirs. If you are experiencing significant life events such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, long-term illness, relocation, or the sale of a business or property, or if you just acquired a large inheritance or settlement, then a trust can be a powerful tool. 

A revocable living trust is an estate-planning tool that can be used to transition assets. Revocable living trusts are flexible because you make them during your lifetime and you are allowed to change them as your circumstances or preferences adjust. They allow you to avoid or minimize probate, the court-supervised process of wrapping up a person's estate, which can be expensive and time consuming.

AmeriTrust serves as a corporate trustee which can be beneficial on several levels. In addition to having access to financial advisors for both investment management and tax planning, all of your financial activity is consolidated on one statement for annual reporting purposes.  A corporate trustee can provide peace of mind so clients don't have to worry about becoming a victim of fraud or enduring a personal liability.  

AmeriTrust can also coordinate payroll services for domestic and private home health staff should those services be required. Some clients do not have trusted family members nearby to act as trustee upon their death (or incapacity) or they prefer that the trust continues in perpetuity, so appointing a corporate trustee can accomplish those goals simultaneously.

Additional Trust and Estate Administrative Services

In addition to assisting clients in the management of their investments and other assets, we serve as an objective source for a wide array of financial arrangements to meet our clients’ needs. Customary services covered by the standard fee schedule include: 

  • Securing trust or guardianship assets
  • Valuing estate and inventory preparation
  • Managing investment portfolios for individuals, charities, and companies
  • Executing competitive securities transactions
  • Serving as custodians of assets
  • Collecting dividends, interest, and other income from equity investments
  • Accounting for all corporate reorganizations, such as stock splits and mergers
  • Investing cash balances
  • Making periodic payments to beneficiaries
  • Providing periodic transaction statements and investment reviews
  • Preparing year-end income tax information for beneficiaries
  • Managing employee benefit plans
  • Managing 401K and IRA rollover conversions

Investment Management Services

AmeriTrust manages investment portfolios for safe, long-term results, with a mix of individual stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and cash. While we emphasize the journey of long-term financial success, our goal is to meet each client's unique objectives, while reducing the volatility and risks that are inherent in the market. Because each client's goals and situation are unique, all of our relationships begin by exploring your specific investment objectives, along with an agreement about the degree of risk that will be assumed while managing your assets.  We help clients translate agreed-upon investment objectives into specific investment guidelines to help increase wealth over time. This includes specifying the right mix of equities, fixed-income securities, and cash equivalents to target in your portfolio.


Like Warren Buffet once said, "Find outstanding companies at sensible prices.” This too is our goal for equity managementto create long-term growth of your portfolio. We emphasize a value-investment approach. We review fundamental components, and employ a disciplined methodology to identify quality companies we believe are undervalued in the market.

Fixed-Income Securities

We add value to our clients’ holdings of fixed-income securities by utilizing interest rate trend analysis to determine the appropriate average maturity of our fixed-income portfolios within a range of 3-10 years. In addition, we strive to manage an intermediate term portfolio comprised of quality government, corporate, and/or municipal bonds.

Additional Investment Management Services

An additional fee may be charged for unusual, special, or extraordinary services, including, but not limited to:

  • Rendering assistance or assuming responsibility for an individual’s personal or health needs, including hospitalization, nursing home care, and contracting for private duty nursing when needed
  • Processing medical insurance claims
  • Coordinating preparation of all tax returns and payment of taxes
  • Bill paying
  • Processing gifts of securities as directed by grantor
  • Preparing annual guardianship reports as required by statute
  • Rendering substantial assistance to the "Guardian of the Person of a Ward" beyond the ordinary scope of a fiduciary’s duty
  • Managing real estate or properties
  • Initiating collection notices on outstanding notes and mortgages